ETHOS: Bridgeways FRC works in conjunction with local agencies and the community to provide a range of different activities that meets the needs of our community. Bridgeways FRC works on the ground supporting the community in practical and reliable ways. Supports available include 1.1 support, counselling, youth groups, recreational groups, parental supports, integration supports etc. The supports available changes to meet the needs of the community. Bridgeways works from a ‘cradle to grave’ approach whereby all of the community are supported throughout the life course.

MISSION: Bridgeways FRC is a community-based organisation that provides educational, developmental, social and therapeutic support to the entire community. Bridgeways FRC aims to bring about social cohesion whereby people are respected and empowered in addressing life’s challenges.

VISION: Bridgeways FRC vision is to work in collaboration with all agencies and the community to create an inclusive community whereby wellness is a priority, discrimination is not accepted, love and acceptance are central and everybody is respected and empowered to live their best lives.

We are here for you - Bridgeways FRC

We are here for you…

Just a reminder for anyone that needed to hear it today that we are here to support you. We can and will overcome any obstacle. Give us a shout, we’ve got you!